We are united in our hearts transforming one life at a time

We are pleased to say that currently we have 2 families sponsored.  We are praying and hoping we will continue to find more sponsors that will commit to helping our families on a monthly basis. 

Sometimes we are compared to Homes For Humanity or other similar organizations that build thousands of homes yearly but we are not that. The reason that we don't just focus on building homes only is because when we build a home we actually adopt a family. That means we are sowing into these families life continuously as we try our best to provide for them physically, emotionally, and spiritually hoping that eventually they will be able to sustain themselves and their neighbors.    

Each of these families have had their prayers and needs answered thanks to our combined efforts.  It's on our heart to create a sponsorship program for some of our current families that we have built homes for.  Currently we have 11 families sponsored and weekly meet more in need. Family sizes range from 3 - 7 people. The average amount they recieve is $50 a month in basic needs.  Some get up to a $100.  We like to keep it to one sponsor per family.   

Funds go to needs such as food, clothing, education, school supplies, medical needs and shelter including any other unforeseen needs.  Each sponsor will get public reports every month on what their sponsorship accomplishes along with our usual stories that we post.  Also each family will get a little information from you depending on how much you want to offer or you can remain silent as a donor.  Also we will arrange opportunities for you to visit your family and spend time with them during your trips to Cabo!  

Should you desire, all of your donations can be tax deductible through our 501c3 non-profit partners in the United States. 

We ask that you would read about each family. Then pray about sponsorship to see if it's something you can commit to and if so, then which family you may be able to sow into that you may have seen in our Facebook group post at Heart4Cabo ❤️

Some Families Currently Sponsored:

All of these families have received from Heart4Cabo a portion of all of these listed here - complete homes, roofs, clothing, food, kids gifts, jobs, school supplies, start up business and some medical help.  One of our goals is to continue to work with our families building deeper roots with each member in order to help them succeed in life physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

Family from House #1 
Family of 4 with 2 adults, 2 children - looking for 1 or 2  sponsors

Weekly income $600 pesos/$30USD

Jose Luis Aguilar is 46 and delivers food 6 days a week to restaurants at Playa Grande. He used to jump out of airplanes for the Mexican Army as a parachuter. He loves to play soccer
Carmela Abarca Garcia
Carmen is 31 and a stay at home mom who has a dream of having her own in home business with a little convenient store for her neighbors.  She also loves to embroidery 

Jose Manuel Calixto Abarca is 10 in the 5th grade 
Jonatan Aldair Calixto Abarca is 8 in the second grade
Both boys love soccer and watching TV. Their favorite subjects in school are math and reading. 


Family from House #2 
Family of 5 with 2 adults, 3 children - looking for 1 or 2 sponsor 

Weekly income $2000 pesos/$100USD

Sergio Loma Herrera is 32 and maintains swimming pools full time. On his spare time he likes to play video games
Carmela Reyes Rojas is a stay at home mom and loves to cook for her family 

Johari Reyes Rojas is 14 on 8th grade and likes to play soccer 
Suri Madai Loma Reyes is 3 and enjoys the beach 
Hana Sanai Loma Reyes is 1 and like to eat and sleep! 
As a family they love going to the beach 

Family from House #3 - 2 FAMILIES MEMBERS SPONSORED!!!
Family of 4 with 1 adults, 3 children - looking for 1 or 2 sponsor 

Weekly income 
$1800 pesos/$90USD

Josefina Rosaliano Cesario is 33 single mother who cleans homes full time . On her spare time she likes to sew. 

Sandra Guadalupe Valerio Rosaliano is 14 in 7th grade and loves to dance. She also gives big hugs. She was born with a brain issue and has special medical needs. 

Gladys Valerio Rosaliano is 10 in 4th grade loves her pets and reading books. 

Lucero Valerie Rosalina is 8 in 1st grade. She loves animals and insects.  

As a family they love doing housework together and going to the beach. 

Family from House #4
Family of 5 with 2 adults, 3 children - looking for 1 or 2 sponsor 

Weekly income 
$1500 pesos/$75USD

Julio Cesar Perez is 30 a construction worker who we hire to do most of our Cabo San Lucas projects. He wants full time work. He loves the sport of kick boxing. 
Elizabeth Barrera Ojeda (Monica) is 30 a stay at home mom who occasionally helps her sister with her small convenient store.  She loves arts and crafts as well as making costumes 

Ariela Perez Barrera is 10 in the 5th grade and is A student who loves to draw. 
Vivian Perez Barrera is 7 is in 2nd grade who likes reading 
Cesar Cain Perez Barrera is 15 months like eat, sleep when he is not learning how to walk faster

As a family they enjoying staying home and listening to music  

Family from House #5 - SPONSORED!!!
Family of 2 with 1 child - looking for 1 or 2 sponsor 

Weekly income $900 pesos/$45USD

Esperanza Amalia is 55 a single mother who cleans homes and sells tamales 
Manuel Osni is 8 year old in the 2nd grade. He loves sports and school 

Together they enjoying doing his homework together and going to church. They are very close. 

Family from House #6  
Family of 4 with 2 adults, 2 children - looking for 1 or 2 sponsors

Weekly income $1,500 pesos/$75USD

IsaelTruijillo Insuza Isael is 34 and a full time small boat captain for a scuba diving company (don't let his title fool you. He doesn't make a lot). In his spare time he likes to make hammocks and finish building his home 
Cynthia Plata Quintara is 25 a stay at home mom studying to finish her high school diploma who loves sewing 

Yahir Trujillo Plata is 10 in 4th grade and loves playing soccer. 
Frank Trujillo Plata is 6 in 1st grade and loves the superhero Ironman
As a family they love watching boxing as a family 

Family from House #7 
Family of 7 with 2 adults, 5 children - looking for 2 sponsors

Weekly income as a family - 
$1400 pesos/$70USD a week for the family

Luis Enrique Garcia Victorio is 47 years old and a full time assistant in a hardware store. On his spare time he likes gardening. 

Angelica Maria Guillin Victorio  41 year old stay at home mom.  She likes cooking, helping others and being involved in the community

Maria Elena Garcia Guillin -17 in 9th grade. She loves to play soccer. 

Luis Enrique Garcia Guillin - 15 in 9th grade. Loves music and dancing. 

Jesus Alfonso Garcia Guillin - 14 in 8th grade. Loves playing soccer. 

Carla Guadalupe Garcia Guillin - 8 in 3rd grade. Loves to play with dolls 

Emily ViridianaGarcia Guillin - 7 in 2nd grade. Loves to play with dolls. 

As a family they love playing board games 

Family House #8  
Family of 4, 2 adults, 2 children - looking for 1 or 2 sponsors

Weekly income as a family 
$2400 pesos/$120USD 

Juan Nino Cantoreano is 60 Juan is a part time construction worker. He doesn't get full time work because contractors normally hire younger guys. Juan loves listening to music. 

Mother- Faustita Tiburcio Jimenez is 55 and cooks food to sell to her neighbors.  She also enjoys sewing 

Son- Omar Nino Tiburcio is 21 and is a electrical assistant. He loves going to the movies. 

Son- Trocoro Nino Tiburcio is 21 and is attending his first year of College and he loves to study. 

As a family they enjoy going to the beach together 

Family #9 
Family of 3, 2 adults, 1 child - looking for 1 sponsor 

Salome(Tino) Rodriguez Herrera is 51 and is a part time construction worker who also can't find full time work because of his age. He needs our help with alcoholism often leaving his family for days before returning. It's our mission to help him help himself get sober so that he can provide for his wife son are often left hungry and thirsty!  He likes fishing as a hobby. 
Petronila Castillo Sumaya is a stay at home mom 51 years old who likes sewing and reading the Bible. 

Christian Eduardo Castillo Sumaya is 12 in the 4th grade who loves playing baseball and soccer. 

Family #10 
Family of 2, 2 adults - looking for 1 sponsor or 2 sponsors 

Weekly income from pension work $1500 pesos/$75 USD

Retired Married Couple 
Tomas Rodriguez Buendía is 70 years old and receives a work pension enjoys all kinds of wood work but does not currently have the tools or materials to work with.
Evangelina Aguilera Esparza is 60 years old and took courses as a make up artist and hairstylist. She also enjoys sewing but currently does not have a sewing machine. If she could get the materials for these skills she could make additional income that is very much needed in the household
Evangelina and Tomas are both missionaries. They minister to about 50 different homes in thier colonies by hosting bible studies and visiting with families on a weekly basis