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We are united in heart transforming one life at a time

The Cause

Matthew 9:37- Then he said to his disciples, β€œThe harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.


since Hurricane odile some of the people in Los Cabos, thanks to those that support our mission work, have become some what more secure in their daily living environment.  as every day passes we meet new families in need.  we have the opportunity to collectively raise donations to help those currently in Los Cabos with food, water, clothing, new home construction and much more!  Many still need help in these very poor areas with basic neccessities.  They were in need before the hurricane and continue to be.  Many still have not recovered and can use our assistance to help them restore their lives and empower them to make a living for themselves.  We disperse funds based on individuals needs with the help of different organizations.  When we build a home we just don't walk away after.  We continue to sow into each families lives physically, emotionally and spiritually helping one person at a time live a transformed life full of hope, joy and love for each other! 

A mission statement we stand by:

1) Pursuit of love and service to others
2) Improve the welfare of the people
3) See others as people who complement our lives
4) The motive is to meet needs and grow the cause
5) The result is God glorified
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We are our a small non-profit operation with a big heart to make things happen now.   together with your help
we will continue to move mountains!